Full and Partial Dentures


 Full and Partial Dentures

We provide full and partial dentures that fit and look great. We offer several types of partial and full dentures and related denture and tooth-extraction services. Our partial denture services include several acrylic and cast metal partial denture styles. Worried you'll never laugh again because of missing teeth?  Our caring staff will give you a good reason to smile, and our experienced dentists will assist you in finding the best match for your needs. We offer an on-site dental lab that not only fabricates your partial dentures, but also provides repairs and relines, often with same-day service.  




Upper Full Denture  
Upper Partial Denture (metal)  
Upper Partial Denture (flexible)  

Lower Full Denture  
Lower Partial Denture (metal)  
Lower Partial Denture (flexible)  

Immediate Denture Package
Full mouth extraction with Immediate Denture Placement – Get a free consultation

Smile Makeover Package
6 anterior all ceramic crowns (canine to canine)  

12 all ceramic crowns  

Your smile makeover is customized for your unique needs and can restore your self-confidence.