Tooth Extraction
In only the most extreme and necessary cases—such as when its roots are severely damaged beyond repair—we may extract a tooth in preparation for a restorative dentistry procedure, such as dentures. If you have any questions about tooth extraction, please contact us today!

If Tooth Is Knocked Out

What to look for: The tooth will be gone from its socket.

Recommended Treatment: Control bleeding by applying pressure. Locate tooth, handle by the crown (not the root) and rinse with water but do not scrub. If possible, try to reinsert in its socket. If not possible, place the tooth in milk or patients saliva. Contact dentist immediately. Time is a critical factor in the saving the tooth.

If Tooth Is Chipped

What to look for: Fractured tooth

Recommended Treatment: Control any bleeding by applying pressure. Please bring any pieces that you can find and contact us immediately.


Keep area clean, rinse mouth with warm water or try using dental floss to remove any impacted food. If pain continues or face becomes swollen apply cold compress and contact us immediately. To relieve pain, give Tylenol or Motrin. DO NOT place aspirin on gums or aching tooth.